Rishi Health Care

What we are


More than long ago, health and beauty were fleeting. The average adult life expectancy was 30 years old .The imaginary and practical framework of Ayurveda is broad enough to include all that is essential to make a man healthy and happy. This is necessary for the healthy growth of society in which the man lives. Still it talks about the means of prolonging life and the methods of invigorating it.

This is what comes into mind when we begin talking about our Late Hakeem Hashami who was down to earth and energy booster for all the people working with him.

Now welcome to Rishi Healthcare a leading name in herbal industry, known for its expertise in providing a vast range of premium ayurvedic products since 1929. By implementing stringent quality standards, we aspire to bring innovative products to customers. We are manufactured our product in the best hygienic conditions, so that you get nothing but only the best alternative to treat your health concerns. The company is certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Rishi Healthcare supplements and body care products are manufactured in Delhi and in Uttar Pradesh; the ingredients are collected fresh and pure by tribal people from deep forests. Majority of the raw materials are grown in our own organic farms. Our products are formulated by team of best doctors that based on tribal secret remedies, clinically proven by the team of doctors, and patented.

Our Mission ?

Since 1929, Rishi Healthcare unit believes in providing excellent cost effective natural food and healthcare through a vast chain of stores. The intention is to infuse the natural goodness in the supplements and ensure excellent quality of its products. It is considered as a social responsibility by us to encourage sustainable environment and living, helping the underprivileged and give a better meaning to the lives of people with the sacred knowledge of ancient medicine. Anyone who is associated with Rishi Healthcare Group will be able to get various basic necessities which are needed for a healthy living.